If you are craving something delicious, something interesting and something easy to prepare, then the dish that unites all of these features is lasagna. Since it has been around for many years it is only logical that there are a number of different lasagna recipe variations, from those abounding with meat to vegan lasagna recipes.

How to Prepare the Best Lasagna Ever

Well, preparing lasagnas is not really rocket science, but there are some things one should bear in mind, which means that the lasagna recipe preparation is a bit more than simple layering.

Although it might not seem so, the key to the perfect lasagna are the lasagne sheets. Also known as lasagna noodles, they are extremely important when preparing this casserole. First of all, you need to go for the ruffled noodles because they will be able to trap the sauces better than the flat-edged ones. And second, if you ask me non-boil versions are better because they save you the extra time and effort to pre-boil the noodles.

Once you’ve started using the oven-ready lasagne sheets, you will see that not only are they more convenient to use but also the dish itself tastes ten times better. This is a result of the sheets’ absorbing power, instead of absorbing the water (if you pre-boil them) they will absorb all the juices of the sauce itself. To induce this process, make sure you bake the lasagna with the lid on.

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Layering the Perfect Lasagna

Typically, a lasagna recipe would be layered either with a ragù (a sauce made with meat) or a béchamel sauce. Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian and even vegan versions of lasagna and they should be given the same credit, but I like doing things the traditional way, so naturally, ragù is my favorite. And here are some of the things you should consider when preparing this sauce.


This is a meat sauce which includes minced, ground or chopped meat, and you are not confined to a particular animal’s meat, anything from chicken and duck to pork and lamb will do. But if you ask me there’s no better choice than beef.


The sauce wouldn’t be a sauce if it didn’t call for a liquid ingredient. And again, the choices are countless, from the simplest ingredient, water, to ingredients such as wine, milk, or cream, anything can be used to give the sauce both flavor and texture.


Don’t forget the spices, if you think that oregano is too strong and will overpower the other flavors, then go ahead and use fresh thyme. Then add either garlic cloves or garlic powder and finally, a finely chopped onion.


When it comes to the cheese, the best types for your lasagna recipe are ricotta and parmesan. The first is a soft cheese and the second a hard cheese, by using both you will get the best in terms of taste and texture.

Now that you are equipped with information, find your favorite lasagna recipe and prepare some layered happiness for you and your loved ones.