A day that starts with pancakes is a great day indeed. And if the pancakes are healthy, then it is going to be even better. Yes, we all love a nice pancake stack in the morning, but there is always the chance of eating too many carbs and feeling sleepy instead of wide awake. The solution? Protein packed pancakes that will not only help you seize the day but will be a feast for your taste buds. Guaranteed!

The Best Ways to Make Pancake Recipes Healthier

The big question is how to make every pancake recipe healthier. Alternatively, you can always check out the collection of the Best American Pancake Recipes – Quick, Easy and Delicious, and find a specific recipe you’d be thrilled to prepare. But now, off to the tips for healthier pancake recipes.

Think about replacing refined sugar with either honey or maple syrup. If you want an even healthier version, one that has not been processed at all, go ahead and use stevia. Bear in mind though, that stevia is much sweeter than regular sugar, so you should either reduce the amount to half of the amount of sugar you use or even less, depending on how sweet you want the pancakes to be.

The Best Option: skip sugar altogether. This is especially applicable with recipes that call for bananas. Be sure to use riper bananas because they will render sweeter results. Bananas will also enhance the protein level of your hotcakes.

Think about replacing the regular all-purpose flour with a nutty flour. I like using almond flour, one that I prepare myself. You will need 2 cups of soaked and dehydrated almonds and a high powered blender. Place the almonds a cup at a time and grind them until they become powdery. You can prepare a flour from your favorite nuts. The blender technique will work with all of them.

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The Best Ways to Top Healthier Pancake Recipes

Making the perfect healthy pancakes isn’t enough. You can’t just prepare a healthy stack of pancakes and then eat them with Nutella. (ok, you can, but it is really not recommendable J) If you’ve gone through the trouble of making the pancakes healthier, then keep the “healthy” theme going with the toppings as well.


The best topping you could use! These tangy blue beauties are my favorite ones because they make every pancake bite fresh, and on top of it all, they are the world’s greatest antioxidants.


If you want your pancakes to have a crunchiness to them, go ahead and top the stacks with slivered almonds. This is a great choice especially if you opt for the almond flour I have mentioned above.

Peanut butter

Another healthier spread than your usual ones. (but be careful when choosing your peanut butter, it should be the organic version). And still, even though it is nutritious, don’t go overboard with it. Everything used in moderation is better than overdoing it. If you think that pancakes made this way might be heavy, then go ahead and add strawberries, they will add a freshness and sweetness that will go perfectly well with your peanut butter spread.