If you love preparing casseroles just as I do, then you probably think you know all there is to know when it comes to the preparation of this tasty meal. Well, read along and you will see that there are a few tricks that you haven’t yet come across. Regardless of whether you eat it as a main meal or as a side dish, corn casserole is one of those dishes that are everyone’s favorite!

The Perfect Corn Casserole starts with the Perfect Corn

It is all in the name you guys! You simply cannot expect a corn casserole recipe to turn out great if you don’t use the right type of corn. And no, I am not referring to the botanical types, but rather the shape. Yes, whole kernel corn is a must (one can of well-drained kernels), but you should also include a can of cream style corn. You can also use a box of corn muffin mix although I myself don’t like the taste of it.



Take Your Corn Casserole Recipe Up a Notch

When it comes to corn casserole recipes the basic ingredients are corn, of course, eggs, butter and sour cream. However, I have never been a proponent of the basic recipes, so making recipes better by experimenting is my passion!

My newest hit corn casserole add-in is chicken, 2 cups of shredded cooked chicken breast to be more precise. I love seasoning the casserole with a teaspoon of ground cumin, a can of chopped green chilies and a teaspoon of ground chili powder for an extra kick. Of course, I love adding cheddar cheese since its sharp taste complements this dish incredibly well.

The topping

Instead of the regular bread crumbs topping, I love adding crushed butter crackers. Combined with the sour cream and the chicken every bite will be filled with flavor and texture that you will be remembered by.

The binder

In this particular recipe, I like to add a cream of mushroom soup just because the mushrooms go hand in hand with the chicken. Next time I am going to add whole mushrooms as well and I will let you know how that turned out.

Corn Casserole as a Side Dish

If you are preparing the old, but incredibly tasty creamy casserole, then you will still need something else in your meal if you want to satiate your hunger. For that reason, you can combine your corn casserole with another dish, usually one that consists of meat. For Thanksgiving, I went on and served it as a side for the turkey, and it was a great hit. However, corn casseroles can complement anything really, from pork chops to beef tenderloin, guaranteed!

Extra: I recently came across this cool post about the benefits of corn casseroles, tips, tricks and what not. After reading it I decided to prepare corn casserole recipes at least once a week. Who would have thought that if frozen, corn casserole can stay good for up to three months?  You can prepare it, freeze it and take it out of the fridge a day prior to baking it. Convenient!